History of the Journal

Język Polski was first published in 1913, still before TMJP appeared. Sources give us varied accounts regarding its beginnings.

Volumes IV and V (1919–1920) were published under the patronage of the Academy of Learning. Starting with volume VI the journal became an organ of the Society of Friends of the Polish Language, established in 1920.

The magazine has so far been published regularly with breaks only during the world wars. The position of the editor-in-chief was held by:

  • Roman Zawiliński in the years 1813–1916, in cooperation with Jan Łoś, Kazimierz Nitsch, Jan Michał Rozwadowski and Mikołaj Rudnicki
  • Kazimierz Nitsch, Jan Łoś and Jan Michał Rozwadowski – they edited the journal in the years 1919–1928
  • 1929–1958 Kazimierz Nitsch
  • 1958–1969 Zenon Klemensiewicz
  • 1969–1981 Jan Safarewicz
  • 1982–1997 Stanisław Urbańczyk
  • 1998–2004 Marian Kucała
  • 2004–2010 Krystyna Pisarkowa

Details concerning the beginnings of the journal as well as its further history can be found in the article of Stanisław Urbańczyk: Powstanie i dalsze losy „Języka Polskiego” (Establishment and Further History of „Język Polski”), Język Polski LXXV, 1995, pages 161–168.

Interesting information regarding the contents of the journal in previous years can be found in the article by Walery Pisarek: Walery Pisarek: Kto, o czym, jak i po co? (Who, What About, How and What For?), Język Polski LXXV, 1995, pages 169–182.